Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New Smoker joins theRibList Family...then 10 Briskets for Community Event

The guy on the right is my bud Kedrick. He's a Corporal in the City Police, and he has built relationships with the kids and parents who are participating in a summer kids camp put on via Americorp at the McMillan Park center in North Lake Charles. That's when he was inspired to host the Banquet, getting the kids and parents together for a meal and the conclusion banquet for the camp. The guy in the middle is our Honorable Mayor, Randy Roach. I think he's a super health conscious diet person, because he complemented me on the brisket by smell only...he hadn't eaten any yet. I'll love him anyway.
Let's back up a little.  Sam and Colin and I spent several hours prepping and trimming 10, beautiful briskets up for the party.  It was work!  

Did someone say Marbling? #Wow 

And then all Rubbed up and ready to go!

About 1:30am we were done and they went on the new, huge pit.

Our first big cook on a new pit, so some dialing in needed, but the ultimate prize was definitely achieved...Beautiful Bark Brisket!

We got up the the Park and got to work!  Sam and I are here with the Dueling Briskets look.

All I have to say here is Wow!  So pretty!  

What you can't do from this pictures is take a bite. If you could, you would be making, without even realizing you were doing it, that "mmmmm  yummm" sound as these delicious morsels of tender brisket melted in your mouth.  

Here is a view of the crew we served, around 120 total, kids, parents, volunteers. They LOVED the BBQ, and we loved supporting something so precious to God, the Family! 

During the Talent Show time, I got a chance to take a breath, and then stage a Brisket Pic: 

We had a couple briskets left to carve up and send home with the families, and it looked great as well. Not a crumb left when we were all said and done. 

RockOn to the families in theLC - we love and support You!